An Invitation to Membership

The Chem-Bio Informatics Society invites individuals and groups that have interest in molecular recognition and molecular modeling, in silico drug discovery, bioinformatics and its applications in medicine, information and computing approaches for drug design and ADMET studies, and emerging new technologies. Please join our Society now.

CBI Overseas Membership Fees (Overseas only) from 1st April, 2021

Regular member A 10,000 (JPY) Lecture participation free
Regular member B 5,000 (JPY) 3,000 (JPY) / lecture
Student member 3,000 (JPY) Lecture participation free

Privileges of the Oversea Members

  • Exemption of Journal Submission Fees (by end of March 31, 2021)

Applying for membership

  1. Please click on the link <Request a membership application form> below and submit your email address.
  2. We will send you an email with a link to an application form.
  3. After you submit your completed form, "Successfully Completed" message will appear on the screen including the link to an "online payment" web site. You will also receive an auto-reply mail with the same link.
  4. Please follow the payment instructions for making a payment.
>>click here <Request a membership application form>