What is the CBI Society?
  The Chem-Bio Informatics (CBI) Society is a non-profit organization that aims to provide a platform for promoting cutting-edge interdisciplinary areas related to chemistry, biology, and informatics. The Society was established in 1981 and first named the CBI Association. Over the last three decades, the Society has sponsored more than 300 meetings, including lectures, seminars, and symposia on chemical computing, informatics and computing for molecular biology and drug discovery. In April 2000, the CBI Association changed both its structure and name to become the CBI Society, with the mission to enhance its activities and to evolve towards the new era of biotechnology in the 21st century. In addition to monthly seminars, the Society has organized annual meetings and the publication of an online journal, called the CBI Journal. Since April 2012, the Society has been recognized as a non-profit organization by Yokohama city. The Society was also admitted as a registered academic society member by the Science Council of Japan.
   All of these activities are financially supported by the members of the CBI society and benefactors from a wide range of fields, including pharmacology, chemistry, and computer science. The executive board of the CBI Society comprises leading scientists from universities, industrial laboratories, and national research institutes.

Areas of Interest
   The CBI Society has the following areas of interest: Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • -Molecular recognition and molecular modeling
  • -In silico drug discovery
  • -Bioinformatics and its applications in medicine
  • -Information and computing approaches for drug design and ADMET studies
  • -Emerging new technologies
   Because of the rapid advances of these areas and emerging new technologies, this scope may be extended accordingly.
Activities of the CBI Society
Annual Meetings
   Annual meetings have mostly been held in October in Tokyo. In 2009, the annual meeting was held in Korea, and in 2011, it was held in Kobe. The number of participants of the annual meeting is approximately 300-400.

Publication of CBI Journal
   The CBI Journal is the official online journal of the CBI Society. The first issue was published electronically in 2002. The journal is available at the J-STAGE web site, which is a government-sponsored online publication system for academic journals.
   The CBI journal mainly focuses on information technology related to drug design, pharmacokinetics and toxicology. Particularly, the usefulness and practical performance are important measures for publication. The CBI journal also welcomes articles dealing with software and database development, which are often beyond the scope of journals in the domains of chemistry and biology.

Monthly Seminars and Workshops
   Monthly Seminars and Workshops cover current topics of interests of the Society. The seminars and workshops are held mostly in Tokyo but also in Osaka twice in a year. Currently, the most popular topics are structure-based drug design, pharmacokinetics, and academic drug discovery, to name but a few. The average number of participants is 90-100. They come from the pharmaceutical industries and academia.

Other activities
   The Society also publishes newsletters, e-Books, and other materials in Japanese.

   The CBI Secretariat consists of both clerical and technical/research staff members managed by a board member who is responsible for this office.