The Chem-Bio Informatics Society Privacy Policy


The purpose of the Chem-Bio Informatics (CBI) Society Privacy Policy is to protect the personal information of members and people who participate in CBI Society events.

Collection of Personal Information
The CBI Society may collect personal information to be necessary for execution of business purposes in accordance with its articles, the creation of a list of members, and updating of old personal information.

Use of Personal Information
The collected personal information will be used only for the purposes of CBI Society to carry out the activities in the previous section. Notwithstanding the foregoing, CBI Society will use, disclose, or release personal information in the following cases:

Management of Personal Information
The CBI Society will endeavor to properly manage so that unauthorized access, theft, destruction, tampering, loss, and leakage to the outside of the collected personal information will not occur.
In addition, the CBI Society obligates contractors and organizations who access or handle personal information of the CBI Society, to undertake proper management in the same manner as the CBI Society.

Disclosure of personal information
The CBI Society will correspond without delay if there is a request for disclosure, revision or disuse of personal information from the provider.

Supplementary Provisions
The CBI Society Privacy Policy will be enforced from the date approved by the Executive Committee of the CBI Society. In addition, this Privacy Policy may be revised without advance notice responding to social conditions.

Shinichi Katakura, Ph.D.
The Chem-Bio Informatics Society
(Established by Executive Committee on November 29th, 2018)